How to remove Adware-OpenCandy.dll virus manully, Adware-OpenCandy.dll virus removal guides

June 27th, 2011

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Do you feel that your computer is acting weird, and the anti-virus found this Adware-OpenCandy.dll but can't remove it? It is really annoying and confused when people found this thing on their computer, but you don't have to be worried, you can fix it completely in this site.

What is Adware-OpenCandy.dll and what does it do in computers?

Adware-OpenCandy.dll is actually a malicious virus which is bundled with program installations but has no real benefits to a computer user. Adware-OpenCandy.dll belongs to a specific group of malware infections. Originally, adware is a part of any software package and it automatically downloads, displays or plays various advertisements on your computer. By itself adware is harmless, but Adware-OpenCandy.dll is a case of adware which comes integrated with a spyware which can cause you detrimental damage. Such malware applications like Adware-OpenCandy.dll will trespass your privacy and even cause harm to your computer. Adware usually generates annoying advertising pop-ups which just don’t leave you be, but this threat, in addition to the usual adware behavior, can also gather your personal information and send them out to the third parties. And no one knows what questionable deeds the cyber criminals might be able to perform with your personal data. There is no doubt that Adware-OpenCandy.dll will make chaos and make your computer risky, so you need to get rid of it as soon as possible.

Can't remove Adware-OpenCandy.dll by any tools?

Many computer users found this thing and they feel that it is very dangerous and try to remove it quickly. However, things always go athwart and they just cant remove it immediately. This is mainly because the Adware-OpenCandy.dll is always hiding itself and pretends to be system file. This makes many tools just have no permission to detect it. This is really frustrating . Never mind, you can fix this problem completely by following the manual guide below.

The most effective method to remove Adware-OpenCandy.dll

Since many computer users had the same experience that this kind of issue couldn't befixed by any anti-virus applications. So the manual approach is always needed. And here is the manual methods step-by-step guide for all computer users. Actually, the most effective method to fix Adware-OpenCandy.dll is to stop the process from Windows Task Manager and then replace the incorrect version with a new one. But this activity requires you to have rich computer experience and .exe error removal knowledge.

1. Remove the "Adware-OpenCandy.dll" processes files:

%PROGRAM_FILES%\ Adware.OpenCandy\ Adware.OpenCandy
c:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Start Menu\Adware.OpenCandy \
c:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Adware.OpenCandy \

2. Delete Adware-OpenCandy.dll Virus registry entries:


HKLM\SOFTWARE\ADatumCorporation\OpenCandy\Completed HKLM\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\ADatumCorporation\OpenCandy HKLM\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\ADatumCorporation\OpenCandy\Completed HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Adware.OpenCandy

(Important: This is a virus deletion release. I do not recommend you do it unless you're experiencing an issue with that before or you are not computer newbie. You can get assistance with Tee Support experts to avoid any mistakes.)

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